9 best Instagram spots in Whitstable

This summer I headed down the country to Kent with two friends for a road trip around this county that’s known as ‘the garden of England’. Our last stop (and quite possibly the highlight of the whole trip) was in Whitstable. This seaside town has become ever more popular of recent – perhaps due to the wonderfully aesthetic Wheelers Oyster Bar which is on nearly every Instagrammer’s bucket list (at least for UK IG fans). This is likely why it’s be on your list in the first place but there’s plenty to stay for and a whole weekend in this lovely town is what we wished we’d had!

1. Wheelers Oyster Bar

Wheelers Oyster Bar

I’ve already mentioned this dreamy place and so it has to come top on this list! The facade of Wheelers would look right at home on a Wes Anderson set with its pastel pink and blue tones and wonderfully illustrated design. Come early for a quiet picture and later on if you want to sample its wares!

2. Wavecrest


There are some absolutely stunning sea front houses in Whitstable with the most incredible views out across the pebble beach to sea (and out towards Southend-on-Sea). Head to Wavecrest for these beautiful brightly coloured townhouses and gaze up at the balconies as you wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford one 🤣


The combination of pink and green here were my favourite but there are so many to choose from for your shot!

3. Sundae Sundae

Sundae Sundae

I am in lovvveee with the style of Sundae Sundae’s front decor! Now I’m not down with fashion or style so I’m going to say this is very 1930s or maybe 1960s 🤷‍♀️ I have no idea but it’s retro and it’s so fun! We weren’t here at the right time so didn’t get to try and ice cream but so many people have told me it’s great!

4. Windy Corner Stores

Windy Corner Cafe

This is another cafe / shop in Whitstable that has wonderfully retro details and design which stood out as a super cute Insta shot. Especially with that bike sitting outside! We’d hoped to grab a coffee here after an early morning stroll but sadly the coffee machine had broken 😭

5. Beach huts

An absolute favourite of many beach side towns is the sporting the brightly coloured beach huts that line the shore. In Whitstable they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours which makes it even more fun! Walk beyond Wavecrest or along from the Lobster Hut or to Tankerton Beach to find the perfect one for you!

Do you prefer soft pastel shades? Brights? Or some cool monochrome?

6. The Lobster Shack

The Lobster Shack at sunset

If there’s something else that you’ve come to Whitstable for then it’s probably quite likely it’s the seafood! There’s lots of places in town to choose from but if you want an Instagrammable view whilst trying some freshly caught delicacies then head to The Lobster Shack. It’s down by the seafront and has lots of outdoor space it you’re lucky enough to have good weather! And it was an excellent spot to watch the sunset. I may have avoided the seafood but the chips and cider were great instead!

7. Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Nearby the Old Neptune beach front pub (you can try local Whitstable gin there!)) you’ll find some more delightful, cheery homes! At Marine Drive there are some brightly colourful houses with some delicately manicured gardens and another great spot for an Insta shot.

8. Seagulls & Flamingos

Seagulls & Flamingos

I could honestly write a post just on the shop fronts in Whitstable because here’s another one that’s perfect for the ‘gram! From its mint green paintwork to the retro font this is another super cute shop for your feed! Even the name is rather quirky!

9. Royal Native Oyster Store

Royal Native Oyster Stores

The Royal Native Oyster Stores is a seafood restaurant set in historic buildings with a story that stretches back to the 1400s with the Whitstable Oyster Company. The company is one of the oldest in Europe and so this shot is perfect for adding some history to your IG feed.

To help you plan your route round Whitstable check out the map below 🗺

What are you waiting for?! Grab your camera and head to Whitstable 💙

Cat x

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