15 beautiful Instagram spots in Chester

The historic city of Chester is a favourite for a city break in England with plenty to do and plenty of beautiful spots for Instagram as well! There’s some incredibly varied architecture to find, pretty little streets and of course wonderfully Instagrammable restaurants and cafes! Check out these 15 amazing spots when you visit and share Chester with your followers ๐Ÿ“ท

1. Northgate Street

Northgate Street

Northgate Street is one of the four original Roman streets in Chester so it has seen a lot of history along its length! It has some of the cityโ€™s most beautiful buildings and in particular I love this corner! Capture it from the Chester Rows.

2. Chester Cathedral

Exquisite details of Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral stands tall at the heart of the city and there are so many angles of this stunning building to capture. My favourite is of this beautifully ornate facade! Another great view is from the City Walls.

3. Eastgate Clock

Eastgate Clock

The Eastgate Clock is said to be the second most photographed clock in the UK (hopefully you can guess the first most photographed ๐Ÿ˜‰ So you absolutely have to capture this ornate clock. Either from street level (and I love this angle with the old school WHSmith sign) or as you walk underneath it whilst walking the city walls!

4. Rufus Court

Rufus Court

Venture down every alleyway you find! Towards the city wall end of Northgate Street you will find Rufus Court. Duck under an archway and nosey your way in to find this cute corner.

Another corner of Rufus Court

Look in both directions because they’re both rather lovely! The orange brick of Rufus Court is characteristic of Cheshire and you’ll find lots of buildings in the city built from its cheery hue!

5. Chester Riverside

Chester Riverside

A stroll along Chester riverside is an absolute must and makes a great Insta shot – especially when the trees are bright and green or when they’re starting to turn into the shades of Autumn. Take a boat tour to get a different perspective of the riverside!

6. Nine Houses

Nine Houses (although there are only 6 left!)

The Nine Houses (of which there are only 6 left) is a Grade II listed building were built around 1650 and another nod to Chesterโ€™s rich history. They were once almshouses – charitable housing for the poorer members of society. The architecture is rather beautiful – notice the tiny doors to get in!

7. Duke Street

Duke Street

We found Duke Street just around the corner from the Nine Houses and it was too pretty not to photograph! The red brick buildings (so characteristic of Cheshire) contrast wonderfully with those fashionable sage coloured garage doors.

8. Foregate Street

Chester has plenty of these classic white and black timber buildings!

Foregate Street has GOT to be on your list of Instagram spots in Chester because it’s another one, much like Northgate Street, which is just lined with the most characterful buildings showcasing Chester’s incredible tapestry of influence.

Foregate Street is lined with gorgeous historic buildings

To get a great perspective of the street – make sure to take the steps up to the City Walls and look down on the street. You can get a really good view across to the buildings.

9. St Werburgh Street

St Werburgh Street

St Werburgh Street curves up from Foregate Street and round past the cathedral with some classic white and black timber buildings. In summer / autumn the tree on the left frames it wonderfully!

10. Godstall Lane

Godstall Lane

Godstall Lane is tucked away between Foregate Street and St Werburgh Street with some very steep steps up over the rows when finding it from Foregate Street. Itโ€™s worth the hunt to find as itโ€™s a charming alley full of greenery and some lovely looking bars and restaurants to come back to as the day goes on.

11. Ye Olde Kings Head

Ye Olde Kings Head Pub

Chester is full of wonderful old pubs and Ye Olde Kings Head is one that makes a wonderful Insta shot. The architecture is typical Chester, again white with the black timber beams set as distinct from the lovely greenery. I love old school signs like this as well!

12. Chester Rows

Chester Rows

The Chester Rows are a unique set of galleries that run along four streets in the city. They are only found in Chester (although no one is quite sure why!) so they absolutely have to make it onto your feed! The Rows run above a row of shops at street level to give another (half timbered) row above. They’re really beautiful to walk along, browse the shops and of course snap some shots of!

13. The Flower Cup

The Flower Cup cafe has to be one of the most Instagrammable food spots in Chester with its fresh floral interior! Head here for brunch and Instagram it all from the fun interior design details to the furniture, the plants and the deeeeelicious food!

14. Riverside Houses

Take a river cruise along the River Dee (or a walk alongside it through Chester Meadows) and find your dream riverside home. There are some spectacular houses to have a nosey at and plenty that would make great shots for the Gram. You might just need a few million to buy one for yourself ๐Ÿคฃ

15. Joules


This specific spot on St Werburgh Street deserves its own place on this list because itโ€™s so lovely! Joules has a rather enviable location in Chester with views up the street to the cathedral rising up behind.

Which is your favourite spot to photograph in Chester?

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