About the Flying Scots Girl:

Hey! I’m Cat – nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m a 27 year old Product Development Scientist living in Yorkshire where I’m trying to make the most of my annual leave and weekends to travel and explore as much as I can. I grew up in the beautiful Edinburgh before heading South in 2012 to university in Oxford where I studied Chemistry for four years. Now I’m living and working in Leeds, Yorkshire.

I love to hit the gym, visit family, head off on day trips with my friends and spend a lot of time on skyscanner searching for cheap flights and planning my next adventure (yes, really).

Inspired to Travel:

When I was growing up both my sets of grandparents always seemed to be travelling.

In the Binnie household the whole family would gather excitedly in the living room after dinner, eagerly awaiting the slideshow (it was the 90s ok) that would follow. We would all chorus ‘Oohs’ and ‘did granny really used to look like that?!’ as one by one dusty slides of Egypt, Norway, India would flash up on the screen. My Granny grew up in India during the 1930s & 40s and then met my Grandpa in Darjeeling whilst she was teaching and he was carrying out his military service. When I was home for Christmas 2018, Granny took me through 200 photos that my Dad had brought back to life from my Grandpa’s old films! Could their story be anymore romantic?!

Meanwhile, in the Thomson household, Grandma and Grandpa would return from mysterious and colourful holidays with photograph albums full of glossy photos and home printed captions. We would be anticipating postcards and souvenirs from Canada to Ecuador, The Gambia to New Zealand; the tiny island of Madeira to the high foothills of the Himalayas.

The wonderful stories and beautiful photos of animals, landscapes and people has evoked a yearning in me to explore like they have done and a longing to see it all for myself!

Since then I have visited 39 countries and also spent a birthday in 5 continents. I know I have still only seen such a tiny fraction of the world and I will never really know a place unless I’ve lived there but I want to continue to catch glimpses of the world. Everday I become more excited and more inspired to visit new places that I stumble upon; whether it be through an Instagram post or a friend’s travel story!

What’s it all about?

I’ve created this blog in part to capture for myself the places I’ve been but I also hope to inspire you (even just a little bit!) with places to visit and useful travel tips if you’re heading away yourself! Plus, I’m a bit of an Instagram addict so if you’re looking for Insta worthy photo opportunities you’ve come to the right place!

I make the most of annual leave by travelling around the UK or setting off to Europe but with some longer and further away places in there too.

I hope you enjoy this blog, whether for photos, tips or inspo – drop me a message and let me know what you think!

Cat x

Boston 2018




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  1. nice to meet you Cat!! you’ve been in amazing places and your photos are truly cool πŸ™‚ all the best and greetings from Portugal πŸ™‚ PedroL ps: that coffee looks tasty ahah

  2. Accidentally i found you
    You are amazing, i surely will contact you for tips, but you already inspire me with your website. Thanks a lot
    You are welcome in my beautiful city anytime

  3. Good on You Cat! Beautiful Pictures! Totally enjoying. BTW, My Mums Mum was a Thomson from Edinburgh. My Wife (from the East Midlands) and I were there pre pandemic. Who know, Perhaps We are Cousins! πŸ™‚

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