10 Instagrammable pubs in London

In the UK we do love a pub and there’s (very roughly!) 1 pub for every thousand people in the country! On a visit to London you’ll probably take a break in one but if you also want your rest to double up as an excellent photo opportunity then drop by one of these pubs! From fancy florals to traditional architecture and from cute cosy corners to incredible locations these are 10 of the most Instagrammable pubs in London 🍺

1. Ye Olde Cock Tavern

Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street

Ye Olde Cock Tavern is a classic London shot on Instagram because of its skinny and unique design that sits snugly in amongst the more typical Fleet Street buildings. The pub used to be on the other side of the road but was rebuilt on the side you see it today during the 1880s. It was popular with Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys making it an interesting spot to have a drink! I’m also a big fan of the rather perfectly placed bright red telephone box to add a classic London image into shot!



2. Coach & Horses

Coach & Horses

The Coach & Horses pub stands alone as an unusual sight in expensive Mayfair yet is probably what you might imagine if you were to think of an old London pub, especially if you were imagining drawing up in your carriage, the pub lanterns glowing dimly to light your way to the door!

The pub was built in the 1770s at a time when it was becoming increasingly popular to travel to the city by horse and cart and there are many pubs in the city centre from around this time to cater this new type of traveller! This one has to be the cutest though!

3. The Watling

The Watling on Watling Street

So The Watling pub on Watling Street is not really the star attraction that makes this a super Instagrammable pub…it’s more it’s location and the view that it boasts along the street to St Paul’s! Complete with the cobbled street and lamp posts St Paul’s makes this pub on one of the oldest streets in the city a must snap location.

4. The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush in Hampstead

The Holly Bush must be one of the cutest pubs in London and you can find it hidden up on Holly Mount in Hampstead where it fits snugly into the winding streets and alleys that make up Hampstead village! I haven’t been inside but it looks like a cosy spot to sit round a fire with a mulled wine on a chilly Winter’s day. It’s also a very popular spot for local London Instagrammers in the know so make sure to check it out πŸ₯°

5. The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

The Churchill Arms is a very well known pub in Kensington due to its magnificent flower display which covers the pub in all shades of green and a rainbow of colours when in bloom! London is well known for having incredible floral displays so it’s not a surprise there’s a pub wanting in on the flower power action as well 🌼🌸

Apparently The Churchill Arms spends Β£25,000 on its flower displays and I would also love to see it at Christmas with its festive decorations πŸŽ„ Whilst the name isn’t because Winston used to drink here, his grandparents did allegedly frequent this pub in the 19th century!

6. The Anchor – Bankside

The Anchor – Bankside, Southwark

A great weekend activity in London is taking a stroll along the Southbank. A walk along the Thames will take you past plenty of iconic locations in the city such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Westminster. Very near to another famous location, Shakespeare’s Globe, there’s a rather charming pub called The Anchor – Bankside. The nautical theme is apt given its riverside location and the beer terrace has a front row seat. On a sunny day this pub is bustling with a jovial atmosphere to accompany the cheery hanging baskets. What’s so incredible about this pub is that (whilst it was rebuilt) it is the only riverside tavern from Shakespeare’s day to have survived the Great Fire of London. This means that when Shakespeare’s plays were being performed for the first time, audiences would have stood in this very spot as they do today.

7. Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Pub, Marylebone

The Golden Eagle pub in Marylebone is one that I happened upon whilst dashing between places on a trip to London but I had to stop and snap! The red exterior stands out so well and the gilted gold trim really makes for a great shot and harks back to a different era of London, especially in this well to do neighbourhood.

7. The Flask

The Flask in Hampstead

The Flask is a lovely, bright and airy pub located on the bustling Flask Walk in the heart of Hampstead (just a couple of minutes from the underground station as well!). It has an elegant blue facade with tiled panels which nicely represents its gastropub menu (btw the Sunday roast lunch is DELICIOUS – perfect after a vigorous walk on the Heath). Back in the 1700s there was another Flask pub and this one was known as the Lower Flask and deemed the inferior of the two!

8. The Walrus & Carpenter

The Walrus & Carpenter

This is a rather unusual pub to be on this list however there are a few reasons why I think The Walrus & Carpenter an Instagrammable London pub! First up is its charming name taken from a poem by Lewis Carroll and second is the MASSIVE lamp that hangs above the window at the corner. Ornate wrought iron lamps are very popular on Instagram so one this size must get extra likes! Thirdly is the view to the Walkie Talkie building because this spot really brings together the old architecture of London with the narrow cobbled street and traditional pub with the new modern skyscrapers with contemporary designs!

10. The Market Porter

The Market Porter, Borough

Have you lived in London if you haven’t been to Borough Market? Spending a weekend morning or afternoon taking your tastebuds around Borough Market is an absolute must for anyone in the city (and you can conveniently combine it with a walk along the Southbank). Whilst there are plenty of Instagrammable stalls within the market, you must pass by The Market Porter as this is a feast for the eyes (and for your camera). The lovely bottle green paintwork sits beneath a a floral headdress that makes a great contrast and a quintessential Victorian pub. Upstairs they have a dining room with views out across the market.

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