11 prettiest floral displays in London

London is chock-a-block full of cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries with designs from modern minimalism to over the top features and bright splashes of colour. Some of my favourites are the ones with floral displays that change through the year; reflecting celebrations such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas and the turning seasons. As more and more photos are posted on social media every day, the competition for instagrammable displays hots up. I’ve rounded up the 11 prettiest across London that keep popping up on my Insta feed. How many have you seen?!

1. Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen Cakes Halloween 2018 – 116 Ebury Street

Peggy Porschen Cakes was the first floral display I spotted on Instagram and the first one I saw in real life as well. Peggy Porschen is an award winning cake designer and before opening her cake parlours, created enchanting and elegant cakes for events with a long list of A-list clients! The original Peggy Porschen Parlour opened in Belgravia in 2010 where you can taste one of the delicious creations in beautiful surroundings. I’m not ashamed to admit I had a slice of lemon, rose and raspberry layer cake for breakfast. It was as yummy as the parlour is pretty!

And if you think the outside is pink, step inside and everything inside is just as laden in pink (but with golden trimmings). Come early to get a spot without having to queue and if you want to snap a photo in front of the entrance be prepared to have to wait!

Peggy Porschen Cakes Spring 2019 – 116 Ebury Street

Nearest Tube Stations: Victoria, Sloane Square

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery – 17-21 Elizabeth Street

A few yards down the road from Peggy Porschen Cakes, on Elizabeth Street, you’ll find Dominique Ansel Bakery. It took a good five minutes to get a clear shot while I waited on the opposite side of the road for a number of selfie takers to finish.

The man behind this stunning bakery is Dominique Ansel who invented the Cronut® in 2013 and has previously been named as one of the World’s Best Pastry Chefs so this is definitely a place to stop by for a bite to eat! There are also branches in New York and LA. I’m hoping to visit one in LA when I visit later this year!

Nearest Tube Stations: Victoria, Sloane Square

3. Moyses Stevens

Moyses Stevens – 53 Elizabeth Street

Just up the road from Dominique Ansel Bakery and Peggy Porschen Cakes you’ll find the tiny but gorgeous flower shop Moyses Stevens at 53 Elizabeth Street. What better way to show off what your shop sells than with a beautiful display that merges with flower bouquets at the bottom! This shop may be little but it packs a whole lot of charming florals into one small space which makes for a delicate yet detailed photo.

Nearest Tube Stations: Victoria, Sloane Square

4. Les Senteurs

Les Senteurs, Autumn 2018 – 71 Elizabeth Street

The floral designs that adorn Les Senteurs shop front are my absolute favourites! They’re always so unique and innovative, taking over the whole window front and not just surrounding the door. Their design in Autumn 2018 featured a tree woven with autumnal orange and golden flowers which complemented their iconic blue front.

Les Senteurs, Spring 2019 – 71 Elizabeth Street

Les Senteurs is the oldest independent perfumery in London and supports lesser known brands. Their approach to scent is as unique as their shop designs themselves.

Nearest Tube Stations: Victoria, Sloane Square

5. The Ivy – Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden – 195-197 King’s Road

If you’ve ever seen a photo of The Ivy Chelsea Garden you’ll know how over the top and audacious their store front display is. The entire length of this popular restaurant is positively dripping in flowers and greenery. The doorway is almost covered by an enchanting veil of flowers – it’s just screaming for you to take a photo in front of it!

The Ivy Chelsea Garden – 195-197 King’s Road

In the lead up to Christmas, The Ivy lays down its flowers in exchange for hundreds of brightly coloured baubles in celebration of the festive season – it’s not to be missed!

Nearest Tube Stations: South Kensington, Sloane Square

6. Neill Strain Floral Couture

Neill Strain Floral Couture – 11 West Halkin Street

Even the name Neill Strain Floral Couture eludes sophistication and this is another boutique flower and arrangement shop that uses its exterior to showcase itself. I love this mix of yellow, pink and purple adding colour to the chic black paint behind.

Nearest Tube Stations: Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner

7. EL&N

EL&N Cafe – Lowndes Street

EL&N Cafe (also known as Elan Cafe) stands for Eat, Live and Nourish. With a number of locations across London, the Elan cafes are some of the most instagrammable spots in London. From flower walls to stylish furniture and slightly crazy lattes you’ve most likely seen a post of one of their branches before!

EL&N Cafe – 48 Park Lane

The first Elan Cafe was opened in Mayfair and although it is small, it still packs a punch with its overhead plant based design. You can find the flower wall in the Lowndes Street branch.

Nearest Tube Stations: Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner

8. Fait Maison

Fait Maison – 144 Gloucester Road

Fait Maison has cafes based around Gloucester Road and their decor is a delicately pastel coloured affair! This matches well with their menu which is inspired by the Mediterranean, Palestine and the Middle East.

Nearest Tube Stations: Gloucester Road, High Street Kensington

9. Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes – 59 Connaught Street

You can find the gorgeous Saint Aymes cafe in Connaught Village, a stone’s throw away from Paddington Station. Sain Aymes is another Instagrammers paradise inside and out. If you really love their features & furniture, you can purchase it online as the sisters that own Saint Aymes also have a keen eye for interior design.

Nearest Tube Stations: Paddington, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate

10. Drunch – Mayfair

Drunch – 1 Woodstock Street

Drunch is on Woodstock Road, just off Oxford Street and in between Bond Street and Oxford Circus underground stations. Enter through a door that is dripping with flower decorations into a peaceful haven away from the bustling shopping streets of the capital.

Drunch – 1 Woodstock Road

Nearest Tube Stations: Bond Street, Oxford Circus

11. Maddox Gallery

Maddox Gallery, Christmas 2018 – 9 Maddox Street

Would you have ever guessed that you could find this lush location just off one of central London’s busiest streets? The Maddox Gallery is literally metres away from Regent Street on Maddox Street but feels a million miles away!

Maddox Gallery, Spring 2019 – 9 Maddox Street

The Maddox Gallery feature contemporary artists and covers their gallery front in beautiful blooms to represent the season. I love the wisteria above to embrace Spring, mimicking the purple flowers that you can see all over London at this time of year!

Nearest Tube Stations: Oxford Circus, Bond Street

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