10 gorgeous London Mews streets

First of all you may be wondering what a Mews street is! Well… today they may be beautiful cobbled passages that come with a hefty price tag but these were once streets with stables to house the horses like a garage for the mansion houses that they would back onto. You can imagine that they weren’t quite as popular as they are now!

Today you can wonder down these peaceful streets to get away from the hustle and noise of London’s busier streets. They’re some of the most sought after homes in central London and a number of celebrities have owned houses along some of them including Adele, Madonna & Michael Caine.

1. Conduit Mews

Conduit Mews

Conduit Mews is definitely the most vibrant and eccentric mews street in London with its bright splash of colour all down each side! You can find Conduit Mews tucked quietly away amongst the streets of Paddington, very near to the station.

2. Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews

Most mews streets in London can be found around the areas of Belgravia and Chelsea as these have always been (and still are today) some of the wealthiest areas of London and many town houses with their beautiful frontages would have had use for the cobbled mews behind them for their stables. This is where you can find the stunning Kynance Mews which is often said to be the most beautiful mews in London 💕

Kynance Mews is perfect in Autumn

Kynance Mews looks super peaceful and charming but it can be very popular especially with Instagrammers so you’ll probably find at least one posing in amongst the homes. In Spring the West side is popular for its wysteria tumbling over the houses whilst in Autumn, its the East side of Kynance Mews turn to take centre stage as ivy swings down in swathes of ruby red and pumpkin orange 🍂

3. Reece Mews

Entrance to Reece Mews & Kendrick Mews

The entrance to Kendrick & Reece mews has a fun ski scene mural that you can find just off Old Brompton Road and just a couple of minutes walk from South Kensington underground station!

Reece Mews

Along Reece Mews you’ll find some beautiful period townhouses which you should definitely snap photos of as well!

4. Warren Mews

Warren Mews

The entrance to Warren Mews is a striking feature of Warren Street that you can’t miss as you’re strolling through the classy streets of Fitzrovia. The jet black facade, trailing greenery and pretty bikes make for a perfect shot!

5. Sussex Mews West

Sussex Mews West

There are a few different mews streets around Paddington Station and Sussex Mews West is one that I found whilst dashing about London and was just so charming! Mews streets are often strewn with over hanging wysteria in the hysteria season in May and this one had the purple blooms standing out against the minimal white paint.

6. Bathurst Mews

Bathurst Mews

Bathurst Mews is hidden tucked away near Paddington Station yet it’s one of the largest mews streets in the city. Wonder along the cobbled stones and you’ll see that there are still working stables amongst the houses as there used to be in the past. You can also find the last two riding schools in London.

Bathurst Mews

Bathurst Mews are a nostalgic stroll through the past and what these streets would have looked like in years gone by but they very nearly didn’t survive as a bomb that went off in the Blitz destroyed nearby Westbourne Terrace but the mews were saved.

7. Princes Gate Mews

Princes Gate Mews

Princes Gate Mews are very close to the Natural History Museum making them easy to tick off if you’re heading towards the museum area of London. The mews have three forks to them so there are lots of pastel beauties to enjoy!

8. St Luke’s Mews

St Luke’s Mews

St Luke’s Mews is a romantic little spot hidden away in Notting Hill but actually super close to Portobello Road where the noise and excitement of the infamous market can be found! If you recognise the pink house on St Luke’s Mews then it’s because you’ll have seen it in Love Actually as the house that Kiera Knightley’s character Juliet and her husband Peter live in.

9. Holland Park Mews

Holland Park Mews

Holland Park Mews is one of the best preserved mews in the city and is complete with an ostentatious entrance which you can admire as you enter in and walk through.

Holland Park Mews

Nearly all of the houses along Holland Park Mews have gorgeous wrought iron staircases that extend up the outside of their fresh white exteriors. Look out for the water pump as well! Nearby, you can find Holland Park and the charming Kyoto Gardens which whilst they should be a place of tranquillity and peace are often incredibly busy!

10. Stanhope Mews South

Stanhope Mews South

Stanhope Mews South is a tiny little mews street hidden off Gloucester Road and forms a trio of mews streets with Stanhope Mews East & West. This crisp cobbled street is covered in cheery greenery adorning the exteriors of the homes so Spring / Summer when they’re in full bloom is the best time to visit!

Stanhope Mews South

Stanhope Mews South is very near to Queen’s Gate Mews and the three wonderful museums on Exhibition Road so it’s just a hop, skip & a jump to visit Stanhope Mews and combine it with a trip to the museums!

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