12 beautiful streets in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the UK with one of the top Universities in the world. Its centre is tightly packed with narrow, winding lanes between University colleges that open onto open green space and riverside views to enjoy. The streets in particular mean that it is a city that you can just spend time wandering and exploring without needing to be in particular, just enjoying the wonderful places along the way. These are 12 of the most beautiful streets in Cambridge 😍

1. Trinity Lane

Trinity Lane

Trinity Lane is my absolute favourite street in Cambridge as it winds its way between University Colleges. In particular, the obtruding chimneys on the right and the lamp posts jutting out of the walls along its length really add to its distinctiveness that means it’s easy to recognise! It’s a busy lane in the day as it is in the heart of the city so come early in the morning for a quiet shot to enjoy it in all its peaceful beauty!

2. St Edward’s Passsge

St Edward’s Passage

Blink and you’d miss St Edward’s Passage as you walk along the King’s Parade as it is hidden between shops. This tiny alleyway has some lovely shops and cafes set along it. It feels a little bit magical as you walk along and it opens up into the Parade.

3. Orchard Street

Orchard Street

Orchard Street is quite an unusual site in Cambridge that would look more at place in a chocolate box village than in the middle of a city! This street is a row of gorgeous dinky cottages with wonderful chimneys poking out of their tops.

Cottages on Orchard Street

I’m not sure why this street has been built here like this but it certainly makes for one of the most beautiful streets in the city and you’ll have to stop yourself from photographing every cottage πŸ₯°

4. Little St Mary’s Lane

Little St Mary’s Lane

Little St Mary’s Lane is a cute and cosy looking little street that runs along Little St Mary’s church. It’s very central and has some pretty houses running along its length. It’s also very close to Fitzbillies so excellent to stroll past with a hot coffee and a sticky Chelsea Bun to takeaway!

5. Rose Crescent

Rose Crescent

Rose Crescent is a shopping street that curves off Trinity Street. It has the most lovely honey hued bricks and a sweeping arch plus some rather ornate lamp posts that guide a photo. I’m not sure if the Christmas decorations were two months early or ten months late πŸ˜„

6. Magdalene Street

Magdalene Street

Magdalene Street is Cambridge’s most colourful street with a splash of colour on each of the quaint, higgledy piggledy buildings that line the street! Magdalene Street is right beside Magdalene College and also Magdalene Bridge that crosses the River Cam. This is where the original bridge stood that first gave Cambridge its name – the bridge traversed the river Cam and hence Cambridge!

7. Melbourne Place

Melbourne Place

Melbourne Place is tucked away behind Parker’s Piece with homes that sit along a narrow footpath (it must be a bit of a nightmare for bringing in the shopping! I hope there’s a road behind!). This is a lovely peaceful lane to walk down and the trees and bushes bow in the middle to create an archway of greenery.

Melbourne Place

Walk down here and admire the homes with brightly coloured doors and pick out which one you’d want to stay in!

8. Senate House Passage

Senate House Passage towards Trinity Hall College

Whilst most people’s favourite street in Cambridge is probably Trinity Lane my favourite is Senate House Passage (although Trinity Lane is definitely a very close second!). The reason for that is in both directions and along its whole length you can get so many different shots as every few steps provides a different perspective!

Senate Hall Passage

Senate Hall Passage joins King’s Parade to the curve of Trinity Lane at the bottom where you can find Trinity Hall College and one of the entrances to King’s College (this is where I entered to visit the chapel in October).

9. All Saints Passage

All Saints Passage

All Saints Passage isn’t really a street (you can probably tell from its name!) and it’s even narrower than Senate House Passage Above. However, it’s a beautiful spot because as you walk along the entrance to St John’s College comes more and more into view with its orange bricked facade. In Autumn the trees along the passage are turning to yellow, orange and red as well so it’s alive with colour! If you want to see the Bridge of Sighs then you’ll need to visit St John’s College (or alternatively take a punt tour along the Backs).

10. Trinity Street

Trinity Street

Trinity Street is one of the busiest streets in Cambridge as it sits right at the heart of the city and has a number of colleges to see and shops to visit! It’s also one of the most beautiful with some striking college facades as well as what is probably one of the most photographed shop fronts – Reiss.

Trinity Street

Trinity Street is often busy so this is one that to see it quiet it’s worth setting an early alarm for! And Sunday morning is the best day since the shops won’t be open until 11am and you’re more likely to have it to yourself!

11. Portugal Place

Portugal Place

Portugal Place is a favourite spot on Instagram and it’s a charming little lane that’s hidden off Bridge Street in the city centre. Head along here and down to the bottom to find the Golden Helix which is a statue outside of the home of Francis Crick.

12. King’s Parade

King’s Parade

Most of these streets are narrow, windy and cute and King’s Parade is the complete opposite! It’s incredibly wide, very straight and the outline of King’s College and in particular its Chapel is very imposing as you walk past and admire it! It’s a must see in the city, however and well photographed of course!

Which is your favourite street in Cambridge?
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