10 Instagrammable places in Bath

Bath was the last stop on a trip through the Cotswolds and before visiting this time round I’d only been once before to see a couple of friends that had been studying at the University. The first time had been a whistle stop catch up tour and I didn’t have any interest in photography so this time I was prepared and ready with my camera to hunt out the most Instagrammable spots in the city!

It’s not a surprise that Bath is an incredibly photogenic city due to its long and varied history that has influenced its architecture and the lovely cobbled city centre. So, if you’re visiting, get these places on your list and head to each with a camera ready to fill your Insta feed with the most beaut spots 😍 Plus I’ve popped them all on a map (scroll to the bottom!) to help you find them all for yourself!

1. Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey in the blue hour

Bath is full of landmark locations but the most spectacular must be Bath Abbey as it rises up above the city to its full 49m height. The front facade is well known and a super popular spot on Bath Instagram but come early in the morning or on a quiet evening for a peaceful shot. Most of my photos are early morning but Bath was surprisingly quiet on a bank holiday Monday evening and I really like the blue hour light of this shot!

2. St Ann’s Place

St Ann’s Place

Walk along New King Street and you’ll find St Ann’s Place! It’s a cute teeny street with a perfect lamp post at the end and pretty houses on either side and the soft stone make it a great spot either to photograph as itself or to walk along.

3. Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge extends across the River Avon, joining two sides of Bath together. The Bridge is famous for the shops that are built into the bridge which is unlike (nearly) any other bridge in the world! You’ll see plenty of shots of Pulteney Bridge on Instagram but it’s particularly stunning in the evening as the sun’s light catches the brick and lights it up in golden tones.

Walk across Pulteney Bridge

Make sure you walk along the bridge and take a look at the shops and cafes that have their businesses suspended over the River Avon – it’s amazing to see!

4. The Royal Crescent

The Crescent

The Royal Crescent is the most famous street in Bath and sweeps above Royal Victoria Park with fantastic views. Every house on the Crescent is Grade I listed and its one of the most impressive examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. This makes it perfect for filming period dramas and plenty have seen the Royal Crescent featured in them including The Duchess and Persuasion.

As you walk along it, notice how high the kerb is next to the cobbled street…this was so that horse and carriage occupants could be delivered to the right door without stepping down into the street.

5. North Parade Passage & Blds

Looking down North Parade Passage to Abbey Green

Bath’s city’s centre has lots of narrow streets and alleys to explore but my favourite (and Instagram’s favourite!) is North Parade Passage near to the Abbey. This charming historic passage way has beautiful lamps and bunting down it as well as some lovely pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Historic Sally Lunn’s on North Parade Passage

Sally Lunn’s is the most famous spot on the Passage and is home to the infamous Sally Lunn bun (it’s a sweet bun similar to brioche in case you’re wondering). This is the oldest house in Bath and has a beautiful blue facade that contrasts nicely with the golden honey stone that’s common throughout Bath.

North Parade Blds

Perpendicular to North Parade Passage is North Parade Blds (I’m going to assume this is a shortened form of buildings but I’m going to be honest I haven’t managed to work it out 😅). Wonder down this pathway and look back for the stunning shot above which shows the higgledy piggledy rooftops of the street and the charming lamp posts you can see throughout the city centre.

6. Bath Street

Bath Street is a magnificent street in the heart of Bath city centre. It’s flanked by buildings with long columns and makes an impressive focal point to a standout Instagram photo! If you hadn’t already guessed why it’s called Bath Street, it’s because it has the Baths along it 😃

7. Abbey Green

Bath Retro Store at Abbey Green

Abbey Green is a spot just down from the Abbey where buildings surround a little green with a massive tree! It’s a peaceful spot with some of the most photographed shop facades in the city. Search Bath on Instagram and you’re sure to see the Bath Retro Store and Pickled Green pop up so take your own snap!

Pickled Greens at Abbey Green

There are so many little corners of Abbey Green and gorgeous facades to keep you going for days – it’s just a case of working out which is your favourite!

8. Sweet Little Things

The most beautiful cafe in Bath?!

I saw Sweet Little Things on someone’s Insta stories and knew I was going to have to get there for brunch! It has the most amazing interior and whilst both the upstairs and downstairs are decorated it’s the downstairs that stands out! The ceiling is covered in pink and white roses and the chairs are plush pink velvet. I was disappointed not to sit downstairs BUT there was nobody down there so I could get a photo without looking a bit daft 🤪

Brunch at Sweet Little Things

Not only is the decor super Instagrammable but so is the food which honestly tastes just as good as it looks! The pancakes were so fluffy and toppings very generous – there is A LOT of Nutella on there 🤤

9. The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

When the Romans invaded Britain a small settlement was built up in the area that is now Bath between 60 and 70 AD because of the thermal waters in the area. A temple was built on the springs and the warm water was used for public bathing.

Entrance to the Pump Room at the Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are absolutely a spot to visit in the city because of the incredible detail and feat of engineering and architecture that went into designing and creating them! The more you think that these were built by the Romans nearly two thousand years ago the more impressive they become! Both the inside and outside of the Baths make a great photo opportunity!

10. The Cross Baths

The Cross Baths

The Cross Bath is an outdoor spa at the end of Bath Street which looks absolutely beautiful and was rebuilt in the 1780s. If you can’t get access to the Bath itself then make do with a photo of the outside in the typical colours of the city – golden honey hued bricks and moody purple grey cobble stones!

If you need some help finding these spots then I’ve added them to the map below to give you a hand planning a route and seeking them out 😊

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  1. Dear Cat, Thanks so much for your exquisite photos of the Cotswolds and Bath. I love both very much. These and other very old and picturesque areas/cities are a main reason why I moved back to England after growing up in Canada.
    Bath and York are my two favourite cities in England and it no accident that the local stone in each has a similar hue. Nathan x

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