8 best Instagram spots in Riga

Last year I visited Latvia’s beautiful capital city Riga. The city is full of history, colourful fairytale buildings and of course great bars and restaurants! If you’re visiting then there are some clear winning spots to capture for your Instagram so make sure to save them all to find for yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

1. St Peter’s Church Tower

The view from St Peter’s Church Tower

In the centre of Riga stands St Peter’s Church which has one of the best views of the city. At 123m high you definitely have to buy a ticket to get yourself to the top for the dizzying view of the skyline. This view, towards Riga’s Cathedral, is my favourite of the 360 degree panorama. The buildings below look like little toys!

2. 1221 Restaurant

1221 Restaurant

I’d seen plenty of photos of this enchanting street and it’s one of those ones that really looks even better in person! The brilliantly blue painted facade of 1221 Restaurant with its cute decoration (just look at those flowers and cows!) contrasts wonderfully with the red building next door. Plus a cobbled street and cast iron lamp posts always add an additional level of charm.

3. Skyline Bar

Rigaโ€™s Skyline View

Take the lift all the way up to the top of the Radisson Blu hotel where the Skyline Bar is situated – shooting up above the city. Hopefully you can get a spot by the window (it might look like there’s a balcony but there’s not!) to be able to enjoy the view unhindered. You can spot so many of the city’s sights from the golden topped Nativity Cathedral, the Vansu Bridge, the Freedom Monument and plenty of church & cathedral spires as well!

4. The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers are three houses that are a little hidden down a cobbled street in central Riga. They showcase architectural styles over two centuries. The youngest brother is on the left and that green ‘mask’ was allegedly to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits. Which house would you most like to live in?! They make a super quirky Insta shot.

5. Daugavgrฤซva White Church

This church looks like it belongs in Frozen!

As we strolled through the streets of central Riga this was one spot that I knew I had to photograph. Old Riga has 9 churches and each is a different architectural style but this has GOT to be my favourite – it almost doesn’t even look real! Personally I think it looks like a lot like it’s come straight out of Frozen!

6. Riga Cathedral

Riga’s Cathedral

You’ll have spotted the top of Riga Cathedral from the tower of St Peter’s Church but you also have to get yourself to the cobbled Cathedral Square that it sits in. The building is really beautiful and from the square you can really capture the magnificent size of the Cathedral.

7. House of the Blackheads

House of the Blackheads

Riga has a lot of varied architecture and quirky buildings but this has to be right at the top! House of the Blackheads is just as bright red in person as it looks and the facades are really something to behold.

8. Nativity Cathedral

Nativity Cathedral

As you walk towards the Skyline Bar you won’t be able to miss the baby pink coloured Nativity Cathedral rising up above your left hand side. The cathedral was built in neo-Byzantine style but over time has served as a planetarium and a restaurant but is now used in its original capacity for religious purposes. Step inside to see that the interior is just as ostentatiously decorated as the exterior.

Hope you enjoy these colourful Riga gems and love the Insta upgrade you’ll get from finding them! If you’re looking for fun things to do in the city then click on the link below:

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