8 fairytale views in Bruges

Walking through the streets of Bruges really feels like you’ve stepped straight into the pages of a fairytale book. The cobbled streets are lined with chocolate shops, boutique hotels and homes with detailed facades. Boats chug slowly along the canal, the glee filled faces of their occupants looking up at the trees that bend to dip their branches down into the water and the bridges that skim the tops of their hands.

Take a step deeper into the fairytale dream and get up for an early morning stroll. It has the power to transport you into another world where the buildings seem to be crafted from delicious gingerbread, the trees of spun sugar and the sky of sticky sweet cotton candy. Perhaps a fearsome dragon lies snoozing in the Belfry tower perched on high looking over the city one echoing footstep away from being awoken in a fearsome rage…

Look out for these views in Bruges and enjoy the magic of this dreamy city ✨📷

1. View from Bruges Belfry

Across Bruges from the top of the Belfry

Climbing the Belfry in Bruges should absolutely be on your list of things to do in the city. It has sweeping views across the city and on a clear day you can even see all the way to the North Sea! There are 366 steep steps to navigate up to the top but the effort (and the ticket price) are totally worth it for the panorama you’re rewarded with!

There’s a limit to the number of people in the tower at any one time so come early in the day for hopefully a shorter wait.

2. Bruges Belfry from Markt

The mighty Bruges Belfry at sunrise

Bruges Belfry is an impressive structure that stretches 83m above the fairytale rooftops of the city. My favourite time of day to explore Bruges is just after sunrise when the streets are quiet and the colours are gold and pink. In the main markt square you can stand in awe of the tower and crane your neck up to the top!

3. Rozenhoedkaai View

The busiest view in Bruges

Rozenhoedkaai View is the busiest and most famous view of Bruges. It’s really not hard to see why because in one fairytale shot you have the canal, the belfry tower and some lovely gabled buildings with their detailed facades that Bruges is well known for! During the day you’ll jostle with other tourists for a spot but in the early morning or late evening you may be lucky enough to have it all to yourself 💗

4. Historium Tower

The Markt Square in Bruges

Another view that you have to pay for but I really love this spot! It wasn’t busy at all and this is such a lovely perspective down to the charming facades of the buildings opposite the Belfry. These gorgeous colours and styles really make Bruges feel like it’s an illustration from a fairy book 🧚‍♀️

5. Groenerei

Pink morning light on Bruges’ canal

Groenerei is a stunning cobbled street that reaches alongside the canal and its peaceful waters. Duck under low hanging branches that droop lazily into the water and marvel at the buildings on the opposite bank.

On an early Sunday morning the sky was pink and a chimney puffed out smoke, perfect facades reflected in the calm water. As the hours passed by the city woke up and the reflections would became interrupted by the tour boats gliding through the water.

6. Minnewater Lake

The Lake of Love from Lovers Bridge

Minnewater is also known as the Lake of Love and it’s a charming tranquil spot in the city. It’s super romantic so walk beside the lake up to Lovers Bridge and take a look back at this beautiful place.

Keep your eyes open to catch a glimpse of a graceful swan swimming its way across the lake – they’re the symbol of Bruges.

7. Wollestraat

A sunday morning bike ride in Bruges

This may be one of my favourite photos that I took in Bruges. I adore these building facades, the lamp jutting out, the Belfry rising up above the streets and the early morning bike rider dashing along the cobbles. This spot is right beside the Statue of Saint Joannes Nepomucenus on a bridge crossing the canal. The soft morning light just makes this scene all the more magical ❤️

8. Ten Wijngaerde

Another peaceful spot in Bruges is at the entrance to Ten Wijngaerde (the only preserved beguinage in Bruges) for a wide view across garden to see the white painted houses. Crossing over the bridge above the moat to visit here feels rather enchanting and almost as though the beguinage is a city all of its own. It is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site where there are still some Benedictine nuns living today.

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