9 Insta worthy shots of Gdańsk

The gorgeous city of Gdańsk in northern Poland has seen many sides of history but has risen up full of pastel coloured charm. From dreamy scenes along its canal to facades along the Motława River to transport you back in time these are 9 shots of the city that are 100% worthy of your Instagram feed.

1. Facades of Motława River

Facades over the Motława River

One of my favourite Insta shots from Gdańsk is this one with the exquisite details of the building facades along the Motława River. I just love that every one is completely different even the little windows on each building and the imposing St Mary’s Gate.

2. Raduni Canal

Raduni Canal

A peaceful part of Gdańsk is along the lovely Raduni Canal which cuts a swathe of green through the city. This dreamy building paints a romantic scene and is in fact shot from lovers birdge!

3. Neptune’s Fountain

Neptune’s Fountain

Długi Targ is Gdańsk’s main thoroughfare and Neptune’s Fountain is located close to the (not actually green) Green Gate where the street widens out. For a quiet photo with the soft morning light come early to avoid the tours that gather here. The ornately decorated blue building behind is the Artus Court named for the legendary King Arthur.

4. Grand Hotel Sopot

Grand Hotel Sopot as featured on wesandersonplanet

Take a 15 minute train journey out of Gdańsk to find a fresh sea breeze and stretch your legs along the 500m pier. Look back and you’ll see the Art Nouveau Grand Hotel Sopot. It makes an excellent symmetrical shot that would look right at home in a Wes Anderson film!

5. Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street runs parallel to Długi Targ and is where to come if you’re on the hunt for amber souvenirs or jewelry – the stone that is native to this region. The gargoyles that line the street and the unusual lamp-post esque boxes where shop keepers display their wares during the day make it perfect for a stand out snap.

6. Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Fine Arts

Another stunning building in Gdańsk is the Academy of Fine Arts at the top of Piwna with the wide cobbled street leading up to its entrance. I love the soft pink colour of this building with its emerald domed tower and the ornate details of its facade 😍

7. Długi Targ

Monday morning on Długi Targ

The spire of Gdańsk’s Main Town Hall protrudes 83m up over Długi Targ and you can take a brilliant shot of it along this main street. The spire of the tower has incredible detail with its emerald colour dazzling. Come back here later in the morning for another view of the city (I’m assuming you’ve made it up nice and early for this one 😉).

8. Żuraw at Sunset

Sunset over Żuraw & the Motława River

The mighty Żuraw crane has been standing tall over the Motława River since the Medieval period (although it had to be rebuilt after being destroyed in the Second World War). At sunset the Crane and the other buildings make a striking image at sunset especially when the sky turns all the shades of purple 👌

9. View from St Mary’s Basilica

View over Długi Targ from St Mary’s Basilica

Gdańsk is famous for its incredible facades that decorate the buildings along its main streets. From soft pastel tones to distinctive gilding and exquisite details each one appears to be completely different! For a postcard view of the city and to see the buildings like toys below you climb the 409 steps to the top of St Mary’s Basilica

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