9 photos that prove you should spend an afternoon exploring Notting Hill

A quiet morning at Portobello Road

Notting Hill is London’s most eccentrically cheerful borough and has colourful buildings around every street corner. It’s full of beautiful streets and houses, home to one of London’s most famous markets (Portobello Road Market) and is of course the set of the iconic romantic film Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant!

1. Pastel Houses – Farm Place

Perfectly placed bike on Farm Place

The quiet residential streets of Farm Place, Hillgate Place and Farmer Street are simply a skip across the road from the exit of Notting Hill Gate station. These houses are painted in gorgeous pastel shades and provide wonderful photo opportunities.

2. The Blue Cottage – Pembridge Road

Can you believe this cottage is in the middle of Notting Hill?!

The first time I saw a photo of this brilliant blue cottage I thought it must surely be in the countryside or at least in one of London’s leafier suburbs. In fact, it’s only a two minute walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station, just a few steps back from a busy road. Admittedly I probably got in a lot of people’s way to take this photo but it’s so beautiful!

3. Sun in Splendour – Portobello Road

Window cleaning at the Sun in Splendour pub!

As Pembridge Road continues North, the curve of Portobello Road turns off to the left. At the bottom of Portobello Road you’ll find the Sun in Splendour pub dressed in a brilliant sunshine yellow – surely the most cheerful pub you’ll see!

4. Portobello Road Cottages

Portobello Road Cottages

The Southern half of Portobello Road is home to dreamy multi coloured cottages and front gardens to stroll along and admire. I love this classy cottage which really stands out from the rest with its black exterior submerged in greenery!

5. Alice’s – Portobello Road

Alice’s antique shop

Portobello Road Market is incredibly busy but a great place to let a couple of hours slip by. The stores and stalls spill over with antiques and crafts to browse. None of which is more iconic than Alice’s. You may recognise its bright red front from the Paddington films where it is the location of Gruber’s antique shop. You can almost imagine Paddington admiring all of the treasures inside!

6. Biscuiteers – Kensington Park Road

Biscuiteers, Notting Hill

Biscuiteers store front looks as though it’s come straight from a colouring book, ready to be decorated itself! There are often people sitting outside enjoying the sun but you can also head inside for a beautifully iced biscuit or take some home as a gift.

Top Tip: Just round the corner from Biscuiteers you can find 13-15 Blenheim Crescent which was the location for William Thatcher’s Travel Bookshop.

7. St Luke’s Mews

Do you recognise this street? St Luke’s Mews is the location of that Love Actually scene as Mark tells himself ‘enough now’ after revealing his true feelings to Juliet. This stunning Mews street is a peaceful respite from the hustle of Portobello Road Market so take a turn down here and enjoy the tranquility of these pretty houses.

8. XL Recordings – Codrington Mews

XL Recordings – Codrington Mews

Another black and white gem of Notting Hill, XL Recordings can be found on Codrington Mews. This record label has released albums from a notable collection of artists from Adele to The Prodigy to The XX. What a line up! Search for Tom Yorke’s album The Eraser and you’ll notice the same artwork as the mural above.

9. Rainbow Houses – Lancaster Road

Lancaster Road

The iconic rainbow street of Notting Hill! It’s hard not to smile when you’re walking down Lancaster Road. On what side of the street are the rainbow houses above and on the other, the houses are painted in a more unusual array of colours from lime green to dark matte grey!

So there you go – 9 gorgeous spots in Notting Hill! Have you spent time wandering through this delightful London borough?

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