24 of the best Instagram spots in Paris

Paris is one of the most well photographed cities in the world with some of the most iconic locations. I’ve been lucky enough to visit five times and with plenty of steps around the city I’ve found lots of fabulous places you have to photograph! If you’re heading to the ‘City of Love’ then make sure these 24 Instagram spots are on your list of places to visit and capture 📷

1. Trocadero

Sunrise at the Trocadero

The Trocadero is one of the best places for a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower. The Trocadero has a fabulous view across the gardens to The Iron Lady and is a super popular spot. This means it can be pretty busy so your best bet for coming here is at sunrise but even at sunrise this is the busiest place I’ve ever been up early to take photos!

2. Sacré-Coeur

View from the Sacré-Coeur

Next up is the Sacré-Coeur – the beautiful church that sits at the top of Montmartre, surveying the city. Step inside for a little tranquility in a busy day and climb to the top of the tower for fabulous views across the city. Join a guided tour to learn more.

3. Louvre

Outside the Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most famous art galleries in the world and is home to some world famous works of art including the Mona Lisa and the statue of David. Outside, the entrance to the Louvre is through the iconic glass pyramids which you enter and descend into the foyer. Come early in the morning and you’ll have this space all to yourself and you can avoid the queues of visitors linking up to enter!

4. Pink Mamma

The staircase of Pink Mamma

If you’re looking for a delicious, Italian lunch or dinner as well as a great photo for your feed then you need to book a table at pink Mamma. This restaurant near Monmartre became popular on social media in early 2022 and can be booked up as soon as tables become available. Set a reminder in your calendar when you can book to ensure you don’t miss your spot!

5. Odette Paris

Beautiful facade of Odette

The absolutely gorgeous facade of Odette is always a crowd pleaser with the stylised black and white facade sitting next to the jaunty green and red section of the building. Stop in for a coffee and a pastry later in the day ☕️

6. Carrousel de Saint-Pierre

Carrousel de Saint-Pierre

There are a number of gorgeous old carousels around Paris and the first I’ve added to this list is located in Montmartre. The garden beneath the Sacre Coeur is called the Square Louise Michel and the Carrousel de Saint-Pierre is located at the bottom of the gardens. In the morning, the soft light looks lovely as it warms up the church and the top of the carousel 🎠

7. Au Vieux Paris

Having a break outside Au Vieux Paris

Au Vieux Paris is a charming little cafe that you can find on Ile de la Cite. It’s one of my favourite pretty facades in Paris and it looks particularly picture perfect in the wisteria season and the blossoms match the furniture outside!

8. Lamarck-Caulaincourt

Paris is full of beautiful metro stations with many designed by Hector Guimard in the Art Nouveau style. You can happily take photos all the way through your trip but I would say the most Instagrammable is at Lamarck-Caulaincourt on the edge of Montmartre where the steps lead down to the station with iconic Parisian balconies and signage sit in the background.

9. Avenue de Camoens

Morning at Avenue de Camoens

Another great spot to photograph the Eiffel Tower is at Avenue de Camoens. This has recently become a popular Instagrammable spot in the city so it’s of course best to get here early. I ended up taking some engagement photos for a couple who’d come here at the same time as me! V cute 💍

10. Palais Royal

Palais Royal

In the courtyard of the Palais Royal, there are a series of columns called the ‘Colonnes de Buren’. The Palais Royal was built in the 17th century and the columns were installed as artwork by Daniel Buren in the 1980s. They were built with some controversy but today are one of the most popular places to take photo in Paris.

11. Le Consulat

Morning outside Le Consulat

We’re back in Montmartre for this entry on the list which is a classic, gorgeous French cafe. Le Consulat has existed in this spot for decades and was open when Montmartre was the go to location for artists and writers in the 19th century. Its tables have hosted Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet to name just a few.

12. Cafe de Flore

Cafe de Flore

Cafe de Flore is one of the oldest cafes in Paris and so stopping for a croissant and coffee to start your morning is a must. Make sure to snap your breakfast for your Instagram feed and capture it alongside a photo of the beautiful exterior. If you’re into Emily in Paris then you definitely want to make sure this spot is on your photo list as Cafe de Flore is where she meets professor Thomas.

13. La Maison Rose

La Maison Rose

La Maison Rose is perhaps my most favourite place to photograph in Paris. Ever since I saw it on Instagram in 2018 (I think!) I couldn’t wait to see it myself in person! This lovely cafe is a gem with its pretty pink paint and green shutters and doors and the trailing ivy around the top of the building. This shot is from my trip to Paris in September when the colours were starting to turn for autumn.

14. Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

The Seine is spanned by thirty seven bridges through Paris and the most unusual of these is Pont de Bir-Hakeim which makes for a perfect photoshoot. The bridge is made up of two sections – pedestrians and vehicular traffic pass along the bottom level and the top is for the number 6 metro. It was originally named the Pont de Passy and was renamed in 1948 to commemorate the Battle of Bir Hakeim.

15. Rue de l’Université

Rue de l”Université

Rue de l’Université seems as though it was built just for photos with its cobble stoned street, picturesque architecture and wrought iron detailing plus, having the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop certainly helps 😉 This is one of those places that has become incredibly popular. I was here around midday on a weekend in 2015 and there were only a couple of other people here but now you’re lucky to get just a couple of other people there first thing in the morning!

16. Arc de Triomphe

Sunset across Paris from the Arc de Triomphe

Paris has so many iconic buildings and monuments and another that has to be on your Instagram list is the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc is at the top of the Champs-Élysées and in the middle of what might be the most chaotic roundabout in France. After you’ve taken the photo from the edge of the roundabout and made your way (safely under the subway!!) into the middle, make sure to climb to the top and enjoy the view. It’s the one of the best places to watch the sunset in Paris.

17. Musée Rodin

Inside the Musée Rodin

Paris is an art lovers dream. Not only because there are some fantastic galleries to check out but also because the galleries and museums themselves are stunning. One of my favourite shots from my last trip to Paris is the one above taken inside the Musée Rodin which has this incredible interior design.

18. Rue Crémieux

Rue Crémieux

This street must be the most colourful of the Instagrammable places in Paris and so you have to make a visit here. All of the houses along the street are painted in different shades to make a perfect splash of colour on your feed. Please be considerate when taking photos here, however, as this is where peopl elive and sitting on doorsteps, peering in windows etc is not a respectful way to behave on a residential street.

19. Ladurée


There are plenty of must eat foods in Paris and one of those is a macaron. These bite sized treats come in a variety of flavours from classics such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to more inventive flavours like Earl Grey tea, lavender and Gin & Tonic. Ladurée is one of the most iconic places to buy one of these tasty sweet treats and also perfect to photograph with its recognisable pistachio coloured exterior. You can find this Ladurée location at Rue Bonaparte.

20. Musée d’Orsay

The view our of the clock face in the Musée d’Orsay

Another of Paris’s stunning art galleries is the Musée d’Orsay which is on the opposite bank of the river to the Louvre (if you really love art then spend the morning at one then head to the other in the afternoon).There are plenty of great angles of the gallery to capture but the iconic shot at the Musée d’Orsay is through the giant clock face towards the Sacré-Coeur. If you’ve got the time, stop for a coffee and enjoy the view a little while longer.

21. Eiffel Tower Carousel

Carousel of the Eiffel Tower

Another of the beautiful carousels of Paris is at the base of the Eiffel Tower. I love the way you can capture the details of both the Iron Lady and the carousel together! After taking a photograph, hop on board and enjoy the ride with a view.

22. Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare and Company

Paris has plenty of beautiful shop fronts and quite a few of them have become firm favourites for Instagram and photos. Shakespeare and Company is one such favourite which you can find opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral on the south bank of the river. Pose for a picture and then pick up a second hand book to read by the Seine.

23. Pont Alexandre III

Catch sunset at Pont Alexandre III

Watching sunset from Pont Alexandre III is a great spot in the city as the light starts to fade over the Seine and with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Stay long enough and you’ll see the lights of the tower start to twinkle. This is also a great bridge to photograph during the day as well since it has some rather ornate decor along its length.

24. Rue Berthe

Rue Berthe in Montmartre

This fun and charming street in Montmartre is sure to add a smile to anyone that sees your snap on IG! It took me a little while to find this one but it’s so cute with the bright pink flamingos strutting down the street 🦩

It’s time to book tour tickets to Paris for a whirlwind weekend of croissants, art and photos! Check out my post about Montmartre

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