14 most Instagrammable corners of Robin Hood’s Bay

The North Yorkshire Coast village of Robin Hood’s Bay is one of the most photographed and well loved villages in the whole of England. As you walk down into the heart of the historic village you’re transported back in time as you pass among old fisherman’s cottages (most are now holiday homes so you can book for a whole week or weekend). The most photogenic part of the village is built onto the cliffs that soar down to the North Sea below and so very few cars venture down New Road to the harbour giving it a peaceful feel. When the tide is out, a long sweep of bay is revealed which fills with families and dog walkers on a sunny day leaving the narrow passages and cobbled alleys quieter to explore. It’s the perfect place to stop looking at your watch and just get lost as you take every twist and turn you can find!

1. Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane 🦚

Peacock Lane may be absolute favourite corner to photograph in Robin Hood’s Bay. The cobbled passages of the village are winding and steep and here, a stone walled cottage juts out.

2. Ye Dolphin

Ye Dolphin on King Street 🐬

Ye Dolphin pub is located on King Street and is a great place to photograph. Your pals on IG might even be familiar with it if they’ve ever watched the film Wild Child (if you were born in the 90s then you really should have seen it…😛) as it features in a montage of Poppy & Freddie’s date which is filmed in the village! King Street curves at the perfect spot and the old worldy pub sign just adds to the scene.

3. The Bay Hotel

The Bay Hotel

On a sunny day, the black and white structure of The Bay Hotel stands out against a blue sky or come at sunrise to see the first rays of sun hitting the hotel as the sky around turns a myriad of colours. If you’ve made it down this far then stop in for a pint, in the sun if you’re lucky enough or sheltered away if the weather is not in your favour!

4. Chapel Street

Chapel Street

Given this spot is called Chapel Street you might think you could fit a car along this but you would be hard pushed to even get a bike along here! It’s a rather misleading name as Chapel Street is rather narrow with the cobble stones that are typical of the lanes around Robin Hood’s Bay. There are stacks of Insta opportunities along here and you’ll most likely find yourself stopping every couple of metres because you’ve found a new angle!

5. Bay Fisheries

Bay Fisheries 🐠

It’s the wonderful bottle green tiled of exterior of Bay Fisheries that’s the biggest appeal for this photo opportunity. The tiny fish shop nestles in amongst the stone cottages behind. Stop in to take some fish home for tea.

6. Terracotta rooftops from Fisherhead

The orange terracotta rooftops are typical of the Yorkshire Coast homes

From a grassy field beside Fisherhead, you can look across to the wonderful orange terracotta tiled rooftops of Robin Hood’s Bay that are so distinctive of towns & villages along the North Yorkshire Coast & North York Moors. Legend says that a package of contraband goods such as tea & rum could be smuggled all the way from the bottom of the village right to the top without it ever seeing the light of day! As you survey this peaceful scene today it’s hard to imagine all of that going on right beneath those rooftops…👀

7. Bloomswell

Bloomswell 🌸

You would be forgiven for thinking that the charming little building at the end of Bloomswell is an adorable little cottage but it’s actually some sort of outhouse for one of the cottages along here. Nevertheless, it has become a firm favourite on Instagram (even though many posts will call it a cottage) especially in Spring & Summer when the tiny path is strewn with gorgeous blooms and brightly coloured flower tops!

8. Silver Street

Silver Street

There are lots of narrow, winding pathways between the cottages of Robin Hood’s Bay. These were perfect for smuggling goods from the harbour below up to the top of the village and it’s strange to think of chests and bottles being manoeuvred along these skinny passages! I love this corner of Silver Street because of the way a number of little paths intersect and the blue trim of the cottage to the left complements perfectly with the orange terracotta roofs!

9. New Road – Fish Box

View of Robin Hood’s Bay over the Fish Box

This is one of the most iconic views of Robin Hood’s Bay. You might recognise it from the film Wild Child which sees Poppy & Freddie head on a date here. This is the first shot of Robin Hood’s Bay as the couple is driving down towards the beach. The Fish Box is a great place to stop for some well deserved fish & chips (your calves will agree that a break is needed on the way back out of the village 😉) and to enjoy this stunning view.

10. Tea, Toast & Post

Tea, Toast & Post

Could this be the cutest name for a cafe?! Tea, Toast & Post is situated in the old Post Office for the village hence the charming name. It’s such a lovely facade, especially with the post box beside and the bike billboard outside!

11. Cottage on the Beach

Don’t worry – the sheep’s not real!

As you look back, away from the Bay on the Quarterdeck you will see this cottage jutting out into the Bay. When the tide is in, the waves below crash against the cliff that the cottage sits on and when the tide is out you’ll see dogs dashing along past! Don’t worry – the sheep isn’t real 😉

12. New Road – Sam’s Muir Lea

New Road

In the Summer this is a wonderful spot to photograph as New Road takes a curve down and turns to the right. I’ve got to admit I don’t know what these flowers are called (they may even be weeds 😂) but they make this corner a bright and cheery spot when they’re in show!

13. Fisherhead


As you come down through Robin Hood’s Bay and along New Road look out for the sign to the Robin Hood’s Bay Museum (beneath a street sign reading Jim Bell’s Stile) and follow it up the very narrow path up towards the museum. You’ll find the one sided row of cottages called Fisherhead. The cottages look out across a green field and towards the terracotta rooftops of the cottages on the other bank of the village (see 6). This is another lovely little spot to photograph!

14. Jessica Hogarth

Jessica Hogarth

Robin Hood’s Bay is absolutely packed with independent shop and one facade that stands out is that of Jessica Hogarth. It sits on the very steep New Road which makes for a jaunty angled shot. After snapping, head inside to find a gift to take home. Last time I was in it was very hard not to head home with the whole shop!

Enjoy your visit to Robin Hood’s Bay! And if you’ve not got it on your list then grab that pen and add it on!

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