8 locations in Wild Child you can visit in Yorkshire

SPOILERS! Wild Child has become a classic rom com movie for teenagers and was definitely one of my favourite films growing up! It follows Malibu rich girl Poppy’s arrival at a very traditional boarding school in a very wet England. She starts off wanting to do everything possible to get back home but along the way has adventures in locations that are real places in Yorkshire! Did you know any of these already?!


Haworth in West Yorkshire

As Poppy starts to make friends with her dorm mates they head off one weekend to the nearest shops on the bus to find outfits for the school disco. The shops and village that feature are actually the West Yorkshire village of Haworth which is always funny because it’s actually miles away from Cobham Hall School in Kent where the boarding school is filmed!

1. Main Street

Main Street in Haworth

When the girls get off the bus they alight on Haworth Main Street. You can recognise its charming cobbles and the steep hill with views to the moors behind!

3. The Souk

The Souk

In Haworth, they head to the Cancer Research charity shop which is actually The Souk! Inside they have a classic changing outfits montage.

3. Cafe Verde

Cafe Verde on Haworth Main Street

When Poppy leaves Malibu her hair is platinum blonde but on the weekend trip she heads into a hairdressers and comes out a rich shade of brown ‘a bit more natural’. Cafe Verde was transformed into Nick Frost’s hairdressers and you can find it right next at the top of Main Street.

4. Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities doubles as the off licence

Directly next door to Emma’s Cafe you can find the Cabinet of Curiosities which was transformed into the off-licence that Drippy attempts to buy alcohol in with a ridiculous ‘adult’ routine ๐Ÿคฃ

Robin Hood’s Bay

Rooftops of Robin Hoodโ€™s Bay

Freddie & Poppy head off on a date in his fancy little old fashioned sports car…where do they head to? Well, they head to what is actually Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast! This is a favourite spot of many as the tiny village clings to the cliffs, cottages hidden along winding alleys. It’s very picturesque and romantic so it’s not a surprise that producers chose this place for the pair’s date ๐Ÿ’•

5. New Road

New Road on the way into Robin Hoodโ€™s Bay

The first shot we see of Robin Hood’s Bay is as Freddie drives him and Poppy into the village and you see the steep hill of New Road driving down past the Fish Box with the classic view of the village that greets you as you begin the walk down!

6. The Dolphin

The Dolphin Pub in Robin Hood’s Bay

As Poppy & Freddie are having fun and mucking around you can see them jumping and sliding down a bench. This is right outside The Dolphin pub!

2023: The Dolphin is sadly permanently closed

7. Robin Hood’s Bay Beach

The beach at Robin Hoodโ€™s Bay

After exploring the village, they sit out on the rocks on the beach huddled in a blanket before walking back through rock pools and across sand with the rugged cliffs of the Yorkshire Coast as a back drop.

8. The Bay Hotel

The Bay Hotel

Finally, Poppy & Freddie walk past the harbour towards The Bay Hotel where Freddie makes the most pathetic excuse for a chip butty I’ve ever seen ๐Ÿคฃ

Which did you recognise?!

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