10 best Instagram spots in Whitby

With a historic town centre, arcades galore and a long sweep of sandy beach Whitby is a popular spot at the best of times but has grown even more in popularity this year as people choose staycations over heading abroad. It’s a very picturesque seaside town with many things to keep you occupied so do check out 15 ways to spend a weekend in Whitby for some more information on what you can get up to in the town!

I’ve visited on four different occasions (through different seasons!) and seen a different side to the town every time plus taken plenty of photos to share on Instagram, obvs. From the iconic Abbey to gorgeous cobbled streets like Grape Lane these are 10 of the best Instagram spots in Whitby 😍

1. Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey at dawn

Whitby’s most famous fictional celebrity is Dracula and that’s because the novel was said to have been inspired by Bram Stoker’s visits to the seaside town and the gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey that look down over it. Whitby Abbey is a must do for an Insta opportunity in the town either from inside the Abbey (walking amongst the ruins makes you imagine what it must have once been like) or from the outside like the one above. A great spot is behind the lake at dawn with the soft morning light ☺️

2. 199 Steps

Early morning at the 199 Steps

The 199 Steps with a view out to the North Sea a d the West Bank is a CLASSIC Whitby shot and you’re sure to see it all over not just the Whitby tag on Instagram but the Yorkshire one as well! Whilst it is believed there have been steps for many years, the current ones were built in 1774. It’s quite a steep climb to the top but the views are excellent so it’s well worth it for the pic 😍

3. Whitby Whale Bones

Sunrise at Whitby Whale Bones

The Whitby whale bones can be found on the West Bank overlooking the river Esk estuary and framing perfectly the Abbey over on the East Bank. The bones are a monument to Whitby’s whaling past and getting up to see the sunrise makes for a great shot!

4. Grape Lane

Grape Lane

You can find Grape Lane just to your right after you cross the red and white swing bridge as you head onto the East Bank. It’s a narrow flag stoned passage with unusual shops and pubs on either side with bright bowed windows hanging out into the street! It really shows Whitby’s charm and eccentricity so well plus it’s also where Captain Cook lived whilst in Whitby and the memorial museum is located inside his former home.

5. Church Street
Church Street

Church Street is my favourite spot in Whitby because there are SO many angles to capture and you can get 3 or 4 photos that look completely different despite being in one place! This the Main Street on Whitby’s East Bank and gets very busy on sunny days especially in holiday times!

Another angle of Church Street!

For a clear shot like the two above then come early in the morning – you’ll enjoy soft light and feel pretty smug later on in the day when you return with lots of people about!

6. A171 road bridge

View of Whitby from the A90 road bridge

Yup. You did read that correctly. One of the best Instagram spots in Whitby really is from a road! But the view you get as the A171 road crosses a bridge over the river Esk is outstanding. Particularly at sunset when the sun’s dipping rays cast a glow onto the Abbey sitting over the town below.

7. Beach Huts

Colourful beach huts!

The multitude of beach huts that run alongside Whitby beach make a colourful addition both to the narrow promenade but also to your Insta feed! They’re decorated in a rainbow of colours and you’ll likely spot wetsuits hanging out to dry, dogs lazing in the sun and deckchairs with cheery occupants sharing a drink in the sun!

8. The Board Inn

The Board Inn

The Board Inn is right at the bottom of the 199 Steps where it turns round into Church Street. I love this spot because of the clean angles and the quintessential British seaside pub alongside one of the many Whitby jet shops that are popular for tourists to explore in the town. The soft light of the morning is perfect here and creates such a pretty little corner 🥰

9. Henrietta Street

Henrietta Street

At the base of the 199 steps you can turn right instead of turning left to head back into town and you’ll find the beautiful Henrietta Street. In comparison to Church Street it is considerably quieter despite being so close! This is a street full of tiny fisherman’s cottages with very small doors and amusing cottage names (Tipsy Cottage is my favourite name!). You can also find the well known historic Fortune’s Kippers along Henrietta Street and get down to the East Bank pier.

10. The Piers

Walk along Whitby Pier

Whitby has two piers on either side of the river Esk as it meets the North Sea sheltering the boats that dock in the harbour. Take a walk out along the west pier to see the lighthouse and to stretch the legs! It also makes a great photo especially with the weather that can sometimes come over the Yorkshire coast. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) I’ve not managed to capture a shot with an intense sky but there are plenty of them out there!

Whitby Pier from the East Bank

You can get a bird’s eye view of the piers from either of the cliffs which is worth the hike!

Whitby is a great place to spend a weekend and I’m always hoping to get back for another visit! If you’re looking for ways to spend your weekend in Whitby then look no further than the post below and click through to find 15 wonderful ways to enjoy Whitby for a weekend as well as some great spots to view iconic Whitby Abbey.

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