12 best Instagram spots in Norwich

I had wanted to visit Norwich for such a long time so it was amazing to finally visit for a bank holiday weekend after exploring some of North Norfolk as well! I had been inspired by @julieythe1st on Instrgram as she had been sharing snapshots of her home city over lockdown and it seemed even more dreamy! The city did not disappoint and there’s so many gorgeous corners to see (and plenty of things to do as well!). Check out these 12 best Instagram spots you have to see in Norwich!

1. Pottergate


Pottergate is a street in the heart of Norwich and this particular corner with Ten Bell Lane turning off it is a perfect Insta spot! The houses are so colourful they’ll add a splash of fun to your feed and I’m pretty sure when that wisteria is out on the orange building it’s even better!

2. Elm Hill

Elm Hill

Elm Hill is the prettiest street in Norwich and surely in contention for being one of the prettiest streets in the whole of England! The delightful, curving cobble stoned road is lined by ancient timber houses on either side and this street has more medieval houses than the City of London does! Not only are the super characterful but also painted all shades of pastel for a pop of colour.

3. Hook’s Walk

Hook’s Walk

Hook’s Walk was one of my favourite little spots in Norwich to photograph as it looks so different from each direction and has places to get different angles all the way along! You can find it in the corner of Cathedral Close.

4. The Book Hive

The Book Hive

The Book Hive is nestled in Norwich Lanes but it’s eye catching green facade makes it hard to miss! This is such a quirky and Instagrammable bookshop and definitely makes a fun Insta shot before you head inside to browse!

5. Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral stands tall above the city below and its tower in particular can be seen from all around whilst you explore the streets. There are a fair few spots you can find to get a good shot of the Cathedral but my favourite is from Cathedral Close.

6. Erpingham Gate

Erpingham Gate

The Erpingham Gate has stood in this spot, looking as though it is guarding the cathedral, since the 15th century when it was erected by Thomas Erpingham. It has a wonderful intricate design to capture leading to the cathedral behind and you can even spot Sir Thomas in the middle!

7. Norwich Frame Workshop

Norwich Frame Workshop

At the bottom of St Gregory’s Back Alley and across the street is the charming Norwich Frame Workshop which looks even more lovely during Spring when the blossoms are out to frame the photo (see what I did there 😉).

8. Norwich Quayside

Norwich Quayside

It seems strange that Norwich has a quayside when it is relatively far from the coast but it does! The path along the river Wensum curves as the river does to create a lovely leading line for your shot and is lined by these lovely coloured houses. Unfortunately we didn’t see it at sunset but from photos I’ve seen since it would’ve been a great spot to see the sky fill with colours to match the houses!

9. Upper St Giles

Upper St Giles

Upper St Giles is towards the far end of the heart of Norwich centre and has some rather lovely shopfronts to photograph! One of my favourites is The Plant Den with its bottle green brick work and classy gold writing.

Upper St Giles

The street is a bit of a hipster’s paradise and there’s so many to choose from to snap and to pick up something tasty from as well!

10. Pull’s Ferry

Pull’s Ferry

Pull’s Ferry is a romantic little spot along the river in Norfolk which transports you to a canal in the Netherlands or Belgium! The ferry house was once a watergate for the cathedral.

11. The Crooked House

The Crooked House

The Crooked House is at the end of Tombland Alley and the archway beneath it opens up to Tombland. It’s a wonderful higgledy piggledy historic building and its proper name is Augustine Steward’s House!

12. Plantation Garden

Plantation Garden

Head out of the city centre a little bit to find the Plantation Garden tucked away in an old quarry. It’s a peaceful green space away from the bustle and tight narrow streets in the centre of Norfolk with some pretty corners to snap!

Which is your favourite Insta spot in Norwich? 📷

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  1. I had no idea Norwich was such an interesting place. I associated it with mustard and nothing more. Now I know better!

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