15 perfect Instragram spots in Prague

Prague is packed with beautiful architecture, enchanting cobbled streets and splashed with colour which means there are so many photogenic corners to capture. Below are the most perfect spots to fill your Instagram feed with Prague’s fairytale charm ๐Ÿ˜ A lot of Prague’s iconic landmarks can become very busy very quickly so my advice is to get up early to get photos without anyone sneaking in (plus the early morning light is always better in my opinion!). Unfortunately the weather was overcast for our whole weekend in Prague so we didn’t see any amazing sunsets or sunrises!

1. Charles Bridge

Morning light on Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s most iconic and well known landmarks. It sweeps across the Vlatva River, its statues, towers and its time blackened bricks easily recognisable. This is, therefore the top place for a perfect Prague Instagram shot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charles Bridge

Since its so well known this is one of the busiest locations in Prague so if you don’t come early in the morning (although there were still more people than I expected at 7.30am!) then you can expect to be sharing your photos with a lot of other tourists.

Facing Old Town Bridge Tower on the Charles Bridge

Strangely we found that about an hour after sunrise was the quietest we saw the Bridge in daylight. I’ve found one of the challenges with travelling during Winter is that while sunrise might be later so you don’t need to get up crazy early to get quiet streets and soft light, a lot more people think it’s worthwhile. It’s nowhere near as quiet as sunrise in the Summer months when far less people are willing to set their alarms pre 6am on holiday!

2. Teresa U Prince

Is this the best Instagram spot in Prague?!

The Teresa U Prince is located on top of the Hotel U Prince and sells itself as the top Instagram spot in Prague. I have to admit I’m inclined to agree. You get a view of the Main Square with both the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn. Plus, because it’s paid entry, it’s pretty quiet up here! Btw your entrance fee of 300 CZK also includes a drink so it’s really not that bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. The Dancing House

The Dancing House

The Dancing House really stands out compared to the rest of Prague’s architecture (it was finished in 1996) and whilst the design of this hotel splits opinions it does mean it’s bound to be a stand out post. If you search the dancinghouse hashtag on Instagram you’ll see I missed a trick though!

4. Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock Tower

Every hour (from 9am to 11pm) a crowd gathers beneath the ornately decorated Astronomical Clock on the South side of the Old Town Hall Tower. They’re gathered to watch the parade of the Apostles as they pass by the blue doors at the top of the clock. Make sure you wait to watch the cockerel pop out at the end of the procession! As you’d expect, you’ll get a quieter shot when noone’s around and this was taken at 8am…

5. Mรญลกeลˆskรก

Fairytale cobbled streets of Malรก Strana

Usually my favourite Instagram photos are the ones where it feels as though I’ve just stumbled upon a picture perfect street that no one else knows about. Mรญลกeลˆskรก was that for me in Prague. It’s located just a few minutes walk away from Charles Bridge in Malรก Strana and in comparison was very peaceful. We spent about an hour wondering through the narrow cobbled streets of this area before making our way up to Prague Castle. This street stood out because of the gorgeous colours of the buildings and the cobbles winding away into the distance. Honestly this felt like a fairytale!

6. Golden Lane

Golden Lane in the Prague Castle area

Another colourful street but this time found in the Prague Castle area. Golden Lane for me was the most photogenic place in this area of Prague. It’s filled with little craft shops overflowing with souvenirs to take home intermingled with rooms made up to show how people would have lived and worked int he homes here. Whilst it doesn’t cost to get into the Castle Area (there is a security point to go through) you will need to purchase one of the Castle Circuit tickets to get into Golden Lane.

7. Head of Franz Kafka

Statue of Kafka

Franz Kafka is likely the most famous person born in Prague and so it is only fitting that this is celebrated in some way. What’s unusual about Prague’s tribute to the novelist is that it comes in the form of an 11 metre tall rotating sculpture of Kafka’s head. The mirrored panels make a striking contrast to the buildings its enveloped by.

8. Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn from the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower

Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn

This view of the Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn is one of the most well known photos of Prague most likely due to the distinctive turrets tat jut dramatically out of the mass of orange rooftops its surrounded by. Take the elevators or climb up to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower (paid entry) for this Insta shot.

9. Old Town Square

Come just after sunrise for a quiet Old Town Square

The Old Town Square of Prague is the bustling focal point of Prague’s Old Town. Admire the stunning architecture and beautiful buildings that border the Square, from the baroque St Nicholas Church to the Gothic Old Town Hall. Its filled with decorative street lamps, the sound of shoes hitting cobbles all around and the smell of fresh Chimney Cakes cooking over open fires.

So many pretty spots in the Main Square

This is another busy location in Prague so we got up early on a Sunday morning to come here before 8am to take these photos before the Square filled up with tourists.

10. Charles Bridge with Swans and Waterside

The classic waterside shot

The white swans (and swooping gulls) make this quintessential show of Prague all the more special and I’m sure you’ve seen one of these popping up on your Instagram feed or discover page. This location I’ve heard is beautiful as the sun sets but the overcast weather we got didn’t let us see it for ourselves. Warning. There’s a lot of mud and bird poop about round here so watch out when you’re taking a photo…!!

11. Main Square from the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower

Head to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower for plenty of different perspectives

As you wonder round the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower you’ll be greeted with different views at every corner. Another one for Instagram is the bird’s eye perspective of the Square below to make you feel very tiny (and also try not to think too much about how high you are!)

12. Powder Tower

The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower is a Gothic tower that used to be one of the entrances to the Old Town of Prague. Its an iconic location in Prague and a classic Instagram shot. Especially with the classic touring cars that line the street of Celetnรก ready to whisk tourists away on a guided tour of the city!

13. Archway of the Lesser Town Bridge Tower

Natural Framing with the Lesser Town Bridge Tower archway

This is another location where an early start really pays off. There aren’t many points in the day where your only companions are the pigeons pecking and strutting their way across the street. The archway of the Lesser Town Bridge Tower frames this view into Malรก Strana perfectly with the dome and tower of St Nicholas Church just poking into the scene.

14. St Francis of Assisi Church

Feeling like a princess…

Another captivating corner of this capital city is the tiny square beside Charles Bridge Old Town Bridge Tower. It’s looked down on by the commanding dome of St Francis of Assisi Church with the facade of St Salvator in the background.

15. Charles Bridge & Mala Strana

From the terrace beside the Bedrich Smetana statue

The Vlatva river cuts a wide curve through Prague splitting the Old Town from the Lesser Town (Malรก Strana). The last of my perfect Instagram spots in Prague is the view from the Old Town across the Vlatva with the Charles Bridge and the skyline of Malรก Strana, St Vitus Cathedral always dominating. There are two spots along the East Bank of the river to get slightly different viewpoints. The one above is taken from the terrace beside the Bedrich Smetana statue.

Terrace beside St Francis of Assisi church

On the North side of the Charles Bridge there’s another terrace. This one is beside the church of St Francis of Assisi. The shot across the Vlatva river is perfect at all times of day including at night when the lights of Malรก Strana reflect on the river surface.

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