11 stunning viewpoints in Prague

Prague’s skyline is filled with turrets, towers and domes so there’s no better way to see the city than from viewpoints that show off many of these. From streets and corners with sweeping views that are free to enjoy, to towers and terraces with birds eye panoramas check out these stunning view points that Prague can really boast about.

P.S. I’ve included the cost of each view so you can choose the ones to suit your budget ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Old Town Hall Tower

Cost: 250 CZK

Stunning architecture of Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn

The most well known view of Prague is the one from the Old Town Hall Tower (also known as the Astronomical Clock Tower). This is probably the easiest view to enjoy because there are two elevators that can take you all the way from the Main Square up to the terrace.

looking down on the Main Square

Since my last visit to Prague in 2014, more bars have been put up on the windows which makes it harder to take a photo of anyone with the view but you can still capture a great shot of the Main Square, Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn and St Nicholas’ Church as well as towards the Castle area.

2. St Vitus Cathedral

Cost: 200 CZK

The back of St Vitus Cathedral & St George’s Basilica

There are many attractions that fall within the Prague Castle premises and one of these is St Vitus Cathedral. It stands dramatically on the hilltop and so features heavily in many Prague skyline views but you can also climb to the top of its South Tower for views from here.

Can you spot the Petrin tower?

A ticket to climb the Great South Tower is not included as part of the various Castle Circuit tickets and must be bought separately. We were first at the entrance when it opened so enjoyed a relatively unhindered climb to the top whilst the way down involved a lot more squeezing past people going in the opposite direction!

3. Ke Hradu Street

Cost: FREE!

View from the corner of Ke Hradu Street

Not all views in Prague cost money and this is one that we just came upon and really surprised us as we were making our way up through Mala Strana towards Prague Castle. As you walk up Nerudova to the South West of Prague complex, turn right at Ke Hradu and as you get higher the view over the city stretches out before you. This is also a great place to see Petrin Tower standing tall on Petrin Hill.

4. Terasa U Prince

Cost: 300 CZK (includes a glass of champagne or a drink of your choice)

Exceptional view of the Main Square, Astronomical Clock & Church of Our Lady before Tรฝn

This is the most expensive viewpoint of Prague in this list but I think it was honestly my favourite! The Terasa U Prince is located on top of the Hotel U Prince and feels very exclusive. You can’t just come up to take a photo from this location but have to pay 300 CZK for the privilege but it includes a glass of champagne and a seat (or stand) in front of one of the most perfect views you’ll have.

I love the view here more than the one that you get from the top of the Old Town Hall tower because the panorama includes both the Tyn Church and the Astronomical Clock tower as well!

5. Old Town Bridge Tower

Cost: 100 CZK or combine with 6. for 150 CZK

See Charles Bridge from above – one of the busiest spots in Prague

Of course one thing on your list of things to do in Prague will be visiting the Charles Bridge but you should definitely take some time out from dodging tourists on the bridge by heading up the Old Town Bridge Tower. Here you’ll have a completely different perspective of the Bridge.

Church of St. Salvator and Karlova winding into the distance

Take a look at the view opposite the Bridge for the gorgeous facade of St Salvator and check out the narrow road Karlova which you will likely head down to get to the Main Square.

6. Lesser Town Bridge Tower

Cost: 100 CZK or combine with 5 for 150 CZK

Gorgeous green dome of St Nicholas Church

At the other end of the Charles Bridge, the entrance to Malรก Strana is the Lesser Town Bridge Tower (Malรก Strana is also known as Lesser Town). This end felt slightly quieter and we went up this tower first after dropping our suitcases off for a day exploring.

The castle area from Lesser Town Bridge Tower

There’s so many great points of view to enjoy from this tower. It’s easy just to keep walking round the top of the tower to spot something new each time you do!

7. Bedrich Smetana Statue

Cost: FREE!

Beautiful view of Malรก Strana from the terrace beside Bedrich Smetana statue

Just to the South of the Charles Bridge there is a statue of Bedrich Smetana a Czech composer that stands on a terrace alongside some restaurants, cafes and the infamous nightclub Karlovy Lazne.

Admiring the view towards Charles Bridge and Malรก Strana

From this terrace, there is a beautiful view over to the Charles Bridge and across the Vlatva River to the enchanting area of Malรก Strana, St Vitus Cathedral towers over the romantic scene.

8. Powder Tower

Cost: 100 CZK

View down Celetnรก with a different perspective of the Tรฝn Church

The Powder Tower is also known as the Powder Gate and marks the starting point of the Royal Rpute to Prague Castle. It’s the location where Czech kings would enter the Old Town during their coronation processions and was designed to be a decorative rather than defensive entrance to the city.

From the Powder Tower

The view from the top of the Powder Tower provides an alternative perspective of the Tyn church from behind rather than in front as well as towards St Vitus Cathedral.

9. Dancing House Bar

Cost: of a drink in the bar (a glass of prosecco cost 95 CZK)

View down the street towards Prague National Theatre

One of the most distinctive buildings in Prague is The Dancing House because it’s modernist design is completely different to just about every other building in the city.

View over to St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle from Glass Bar

Plenty of tourists come here to snap a photo of its unique design but what many probably don’t know is that on the top is a bar (called Glass Bar) which has views over the river and down Masarykovo nรกbล™eลพรญ street and towards the attractive National Theatre building.

10. St Wenceslas Vineyard

Cost: FREE!

St Wenceslas Vineyard

If you leave the Prague Castle complex via the Old Castle Stairs you’ll find yourself outside St Wenceslas Vineyard before you head down the stairs. Enjoy the view over the city with a glass of wine or (as we did) pop in to admire the view before you continue your exploring.

11. St Nicholas Church

Cost: 100 CZK

View over to Old Town from St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church (not to be confused with St Nicholas’ Church on the Main Square) is a beautiful white domed baroque church that forms part of the Malรก Strana skyline. In the communist era, the church tower was used as a look out for State Security! You can climb up through the tower to this point but the windows are not open and there is netting over them which does hinder the view in comparison to other ones that you can enjoy.

There were also a number of other viewpoints that we didn’t have time to get but I was either recommended or found suggested online. Let me know if you make it to any of these…:

  • Petrin Tower
  • Vysehrad Fort
  • Letna Hill

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